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Our Story ~ A Little About Us

Andy & Angie.jpg

Andy & Angie Widmer

Angie & Mom Sherry

Angie & "Mom" Sherry

Andy & Angie
Andy & Angie

Andy and I met via a mutual friend on social media in 2009, met in person in 2011, and got married in 2012.  Since then time has simply flown by! 


We love to travel.  Especially road trips!  And we love our little weekend getaways at our "cabin in the woods" in Manistee.  In the summer of 2020, as we sat on our deck wondering what the future holds, we had not yet thought about Great Gifts.  Then one day in late September, I woke up and said, "GGAAAH! I have an idea!"  Andy, although somewhat skeptical I'm sure, said "Ok!" 


Since the day we met, Andy's been one of my biggest cheerleaders.  When I told him I wanted to open another shop, he got to work with me to make it happen.  I say "another" shop because I have been co-owner of Dive & Glide Scuba, Snorkel & Travel with Keith Hintz for over 24 years.  And I have always loved my work at Dive & Glide! 

Now, I'm not "creative" in the arts and crafts sense (my skills tend to be organizational) but I love browsing arts and crafts events.  It saddened me artisans and crafters in the Tri-Cities, and surrounding areas had very few opportunities to share their work almost the entirety of 2020.  There had been some hope holiday shows might happen, but that did not transpire.  So, when the suite next to Dive & Glide Midland was to became available in October, giving me just enough time to file the business paperwork, set-up shop, and be open for the holidays, I jumped on it!


I thought with Andy's help, we could create a space for a year-round, minimum 6 days a week, arts and crafts show.  A place where everything is homemade, hand-made, local, Michigan Made or at a minimum, USA Made.  We set to work, and with help from Mom (Sherry) as well, "GGaaah!", we were able to make it happen!  


So became, Great Gifts, Arts, Antiques, And Handmades.  Vendors signed on quickly for their spaces and within 5 short weeks of inception, we were open for business on November 21st, 2020.


I hope you'll visit us some soon and take a look at all the wonderful items made by the gifted artisans and crafters of our area.  More than 95% of the items in Great Gifts is made in Michigan!  And our contributors' creativity is amazing!  New items arrive daily; it is an ever-changing variety of beautiful work. 


If you happen to be an artisan or crafter looking for a place to showcase your own unique items, please come see us.  We'd love to have you join us at Great Gifts!

~ Angie :)

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